PHP is a server side scripting language. It is used to create dynamic pages. The server processes the information before it is sent to the client.

PHP can be used for:

  • Dynamic database driven sites such as forum or ecommerce software
  • Processing form data
  • Dynamic websites with a main template and content taken from separate files. This is how we design most of our sites as it makes it very easy for the owner of the site to make changes if they are not experienced with the syntax used to create web pages


Javascript is a client side scripting language. It allows a wep page to be dynamically manipulated in 'real time', without having to refresh the whole page.

Javascript can be used for:

  • Drop down menus
  • Pre-post form validation


AJAX stands for Asyncronous Javascript and XML. It is a link between PHP and Javascript. It allows information to be sent and recieved from the sever in 'real time' using Javascript without having to refresh the whole page.

AJAX can be used for:

  • Sending form data to the server
  • Retrieving information from an online database

All without having to reload the page.